102 Escape Room – Epping, NH

102 Escape – Epping, NH

Welcome to 102 Escape, Epping’s premier spot for thrilling escape room adventures. Located conveniently in Londonderry, NH, we provide engaging and challenging escape room experiences designed to test your wit and collaborative skills.

Choose Your Challenge

We offer four uniquely themed escape rooms, each filled with intricate puzzles and varying levels of difficulty. Perfect for Epping residents looking for an unforgettable adventure.

Step Into the Story

Our rooms are crafted with exceptional detail to ensure a fully immersive experience. Participants from Epping will feel as though they are stepping into a completely different world as they tackle the challenges ahead.

Start Your Mission

Gather your team and get ready to be locked inside the room of your choice (exit is possible if needed). Work closely with your friends, family, or colleagues from Epping to find clues and solve the puzzles to make your escape.

Beat the Timer

You have only 60 minutes to decipher the clues and escape. As the clock counts down, stay focused and enjoy the exhilarating experience in Epping.


BOOM Escape Room

A bomb has been planted to erase crucial evidence. Can your team discover the identity of the bomber, understand their motive, and defuse the bomb before it detonates? This intense challenge will excite and engage participants from Epping.

Laboratory 4D Gateway

Laboratory 4D Gateway Escape Room

An international team of scientists has accidentally opened a portal to the 4th Dimension. After their sudden disappearance, the portal has started to grow rapidly, threatening our world with a parallel universe. Can you and your team from Epping secure the lab and contain the threat within one hour? This room is designed for 12 players and provides a formidable challenge even for seasoned escape artists.

Heist of The Moon Diamond

Heist of The Moon Diamond Escape Room

Dr. Phineas Found has gathered priceless artifacts from across the globe, including the rare moon diamond discovered in a meteorite. With less than 24 hours before its public unveiling, the diamond has been stolen! Can your team from Epping solve the mystery and return the diamond to its rightful place? This room, designed for 12 players, is our second-most-difficult challenge and requires keen minds to solve.

School of Wizardry

School of Wizardry Escape Room

The School of Wizardry invites you to prove your magical prowess through a series of rigorous trials. Following recent troubles with a dark wizard, our prestigious academy requires prospective students to demonstrate their abilities. Designed for 10 players, this is our most challenging escape room. Epping’s aspiring wizards will face tasks involving charms, potions, and more. Only the best will secure their place at the School of Wizardry.