Welcome to 102 Escape, the premier escape room experience serving Manchester, NH, and the surrounding areas from our Londonderry, NH, location. We offer an exciting and challenging escape room adventure that gives you and your group a puzzle to solve in a fun, immersive environment.

How It Works

Choose from our four unique escape rooms of varying difficulties that provide a range of puzzle experiences for you and your group to tackle.

Feel the Atmosphere

At 102 Escape, we meticulously design our rooms to convey an authentic and captivating atmosphere. Our attention to detail ensures an immersive experience, allowing you to forget the outside world and dive into a new adventure.

Begin the Puzzle

Our escape rooms in New Hampshire begin with you locked in the room of your choice (participants can leave to use the restroom or for other reasons at any time). With your group of family, friends, or co-workers, explore the room and the clues to begin piecing together the puzzle that will lead to your escape.

Watch the Clock

You have 60 minutes from the time you enter the room to solve the puzzle. As the clock ticks, don’t lose sight of the final goal — escape, and a fun, bonding experience.


BOOM Escape Room

A killer has left a bomb behind to destroy the evidence. Can you discover the mystery of who the killer was, why he did it and defuse the bomb before it goes off?

Laboratory 4D Gateway

Laboratory 4D Gateway Escape Room

An International team of scientists have accidentally opened a gateway to the 4th Dimension. After their sudden disappearance, the mysterious portal has begun to grow at an alarming rate. Soon our world and everything we know will be replaced by this parallel universe! You and your team will be sure to encounter unexplainable sites, not meant for human eyes. You’ll have one hour to lock down the laboratory and contain the threat in this laboratory escape room in New Hampshire. This room may have the lowest difficulty rating out of our three options, but don’t be fooled. Even the most experienced players may struggle to finish the Laboratory 4D Gateway in time.

Heist of The Moon Diamond

Heist of The Moon Diamond Escape Room

Through his worldly travels, the renowned Dr. Phineas Found has amassed a collection of magnificent and priceless artifacts from his many expeditions to Egypt, Antarctica and the world over. His most priceless discovery is known as the rare moon diamond, the only diamond to ever be found in a meteorite. With less than 24 hours before its unveiling to the public, the precious stone has been stolen! Its up to you to solve the mystery of its disappearance and return it to its rightful place in the museum in this diamond heist escape room in New Hampshire. This room is designed for parties of 12 players. No matter how many players you have on your team, this diamond heist escape room in New Hampshire will still be a challenge to complete in time. It’s our second-most-difficult escape room, so don’t expect finding the stolen diamond to be an easy task!

School of Wizardry

School of Wizardry Escape Room

You are cordially invited to audition for The School of Wizardry. After the recent unpleasantness with the-wizard-who-shall-not-be-named, our esteemed university does not simply accept you because you are magical. You will have to earn your way in. This is not for the faint of heart. These trials will not only test your magical aptitude but also your ability to work together in order to overcome various challenges that may include charms, potions, divination, levitation, and/or runes. Magicians-to-be will be separated from muddles, and houses will be sorted out in this School of Wizardry escape room in New Hampshire. No prior magical experience is required. Wands will be provided for your use. This escape room is designed for a team of 10 players. Even if you’re a wizard, don’t expect any magical way to make this escape room any less difficult—you’ll only have 60 minutes to complete it. Our School of Wizardry escape room in New Hampshire is the most challenging room we offer. This isn’t any ordinary wizarding school; you need to prove your worth to be accepted.