102 Escape Room – Salem, NH

102 Escape Room – Salem, NH

Welcome to 102 Escape, your go-to escape room adventure for Salem, NH, and the surrounding communities. Located in Londonderry, NH, we provide an exhilarating and engaging escape room experience that will challenge your problem-solving skills.

How It Works

Select from our four distinct escape rooms, each offering unique puzzles and varying levels of difficulty for you and your team to conquer.

Experience the Atmosphere

At 102 Escape, we take great pride in crafting rooms that offer a realistic and enjoyable atmosphere. Our detailed designs ensure an immersive experience, allowing you to fully engage in the adventure and forget the outside world.

Start the Challenge

Each escape room challenge begins with you and your team locked inside the room of your choice (participants can exit the room if necessary). Work together with your friends, family, or colleagues to explore the room, find clues, and piece together the puzzle that will lead to your escape.

Beat the Clock

You have 60 minutes from the moment you enter the room to solve the puzzle. As the minutes tick away, stay focused on the ultimate goal — escape and enjoy a memorable bonding experience.


BOOM Escape Room

A murderer has planted a bomb to destroy the evidence. Can you solve the mystery of who the killer was, why it happened, and defuse the bomb before it explodes?

Laboratory 4D Gateway

Laboratory 4D Gateway Escape Room

A team of international scientists has accidentally opened a gateway to the 4th Dimension. Following their sudden disappearance, the mysterious portal has started to expand rapidly. Soon, our world may be replaced by this parallel universe! Encounter bizarre sights not meant for human eyes as you and your team have one hour to secure the laboratory and contain the threat. This escape room in New Hampshire is designed for groups of 12 players. Despite being the least difficult of our rooms, even seasoned players may struggle to complete it in time.

Heist of The Moon Diamond

Heist of The Moon Diamond Escape Room

Renowned explorer Dr. Phineas Found has collected magnificent artifacts from around the globe, including the rare moon diamond, discovered in a meteorite. With less than 24 hours before its public unveiling, the diamond has been stolen! It’s up to you to solve the mystery and return the diamond to the museum. This escape room is designed for teams of 12 players and is our second-most-difficult challenge. Don’t expect an easy task as you race against time to recover the stolen gem.

School of Wizardry

School of Wizardry Escape Room

You are invited to audition for The School of Wizardry. After recent troubles with a dark wizard, our esteemed institution no longer accepts students simply because they possess magical abilities. You must earn your place. These trials will test your magical aptitude and teamwork as you face challenges involving charms, potions, divination, levitation, and runes. This room, designed for 10 players, is the most challenging we offer. Prove your worth and secure your place at the School of Wizardry.