102 Escape Room – Windham, NH

102 Escape – Windham, NH

Welcome to 102 Escape, the ultimate escape room experience for Windham, NH. Located just a short drive away in Londonderry, NH, we offer an array of exciting and challenging escape rooms that will test your ingenuity and teamwork.

Choose Your Adventure

Our four unique escape rooms provide a variety of puzzles and challenges, ensuring that every visit is a new and thrilling experience. Windham residents will find an adventure that suits their group’s skill level and interests.

Immerse in the Experience

We meticulously design our rooms to create an immersive atmosphere, allowing participants from Windham to step into another world. Every detail is crafted to enhance the storytelling and puzzle-solving experience.

Begin Your Challenge

Your adventure starts with you and your team locked inside the escape room of your choice (with the option to exit if necessary). Collaborate with your friends, family, or colleagues from Windham to explore the room, uncover clues, and solve the puzzles to escape.

Race Against Time

You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape. As the clock ticks down, stay focused and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping experience that 102 Escape offers to Windham residents.


BOOM Escape Room

A bomb has been planted to eliminate crucial evidence. Can your team identify the bomber, understand their motives, and defuse the bomb before it detonates? This intense and thrilling challenge will captivate participants from Windham.

Laboratory 4D Gateway

Laboratory 4D Gateway Escape Room

Scientists have accidentally opened a portal to the 4th Dimension, and it’s growing uncontrollably. Your team from Windham must secure the lab and prevent a parallel universe from merging with ours. Designed for 12 players, this escape room offers a formidable challenge even for seasoned escape artists.

Heist of The Moon Diamond

Heist of The Moon Diamond Escape Room

The rare moon diamond has been stolen just before its public unveiling. Can your team from Windham solve the mystery and return the diamond to its rightful place? This room, designed for 12 players, is our second-most-difficult challenge and requires keen problem-solving skills.

School of Wizardry

School of Wizardry Escape Room

The School of Wizardry invites you to prove your magical abilities through a series of rigorous trials. Prospective students must demonstrate their skills in tasks involving charms, potions, and more. Designed for 10 players, this is our most challenging escape room. Windham’s aspiring wizards will find themselves tested to their limits.